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      Mayura Apothecary Ginseng Serum 20mL

      Mayura Apothecary Ginseng Serum 20mL

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      Asians' best kept secret of youth is now available through your favourite and trust-worthy brand. Formulated with pure Ginseng extract and finest supplement grade Korean Ginseng Powder, this is a truly anti-aging and skin rejuvenating serum for Asian skin. Ginseng has been shown to enhance skin regeneration by helping to improve skin microcirculation. Continuous Usage would leave your skin feeling supple and smooth while helping to keep a radiant-pink complexion. With the addition of Ginkgo Leaves Extract, it will help to increase oxygen supply to most-needed area such as the under-eye areadark circles, and dull complexion.

      Properties of Ginseng

      Ginseng has been famed for its ability to help the body to rejuvenate itself. This is especially prominent in elderly users and its use has been encouraged in those who are recovering from diseases as well as for the elderly. It is also widely used as a restorative and such use is especially popular in Korea, where it is even made into a soup ingredient.

      Classical Chinese medical text has described Ginseng usages at length and its application in topical form has been frequently mentioned as well. Traditionally, Ginseng has been used in the treatement of wounds, dermatitis, and inflammation of the skin.

      The Scent of Orient

      In our endeavour to craft the best skin care products, we have always hold steadfast to our principle of using only natural products that deliver result as well as having an acceptable scent. We have used Pink Lotus Absolute as the scent of choice in this exquisite serum. Pink Lotus are known for their elegant scent as well as for its oil-regulating properties. Its association with Asian culture is almost representative; its very presence invoke oriental charm as well as its mystical connection.


      Sodium Hyaluronate (0.5%), Aqua, Korean Ginseng Powder, Pink Lotus Absolute, Extract of Chamomile, Extract of Immortelle, Extract of Ginkgo, Extract of Ginseng, Vitamin E, Carrot Seed Oil, Propanediol (Corn-derived), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin