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    Wholistic Argan Oil Products
    Apothecary Argan Oil Range
    Oriental Herbal Series
    Mayura Oriental Herbal Series
    Pure Essential Oils
    Pure Essential Oils
    Natural Face Care
    Natural facial products hand-blended by our apothecarist. Each batch is freshly prepared upon order and made especially for you.
    Natural Cosmetics
    Natural Cosmetics for Natural Beauty
    Natural Pet Care
    Natural pampering for your deserving pet
    Natural Hair care
    Hair problems? Our apothecarist has formulated a myriad of products from age-old wisdom for every hair needs
    Natural Lip Care
    Natural solutions for the lips. Moisturise your lips when it is most needed with our edible lip care range.
    Natural Perfumery
    Enhance your overall mood with our all natural perfumes. Romance to seductive and cheerful to personality.
    Natural Body Care
    Pamper your well-deserving body with naturally formulated preparations.
    Natural Household Care
    Spruce up your household naturally with Mayura Natural Household Series.
    Natural Hand Care
    Our hands deserved some natural pampering as well. Choose from our natural hand wash and hand cream.